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Welcome from My Skin Concierge, Ava!

This is my brand new site designed to give you even more of the incredible tips, deals, and information on all your skincare, spa, and travel needs! Remember, skincare, spa and travel experiences are not a luxury, but essential for both a healthy body and mind. Thanks for your patience as we continue to finalize content and organization for the site.

If you've come here from my old site, My Skin Concierge Ava, be sure to bookmark this new site. Also, be sure to become an Ava's Insider if you aren't already so that you won't miss out on any of the contests, tips, or deals from me, the Spa Travel Gal!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Recently, I was given a gift that make me feel so luxurious and cared for that I just had to share it with you. While having the Spring Tea at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead, a little bag was handed to me… Continue reading

Amazing Spa Week Mother’s Day Packages and Deals

Spa Week $50 treatments may only come twice a year, but did you know that Spa Week Deals, found at Spa Week, features hundreds of spa deals across North America each month, ALL year round? These deals don’t disappear… Continue reading

Want to feel Relaxed, Refreshed, or possibly Renewed?

Want to feel Relaxed, Refreshed, or possibly Renewed? This Atlanta Hotel will do all that and Wow You too!


How do you feel after you visit a spa – relaxed, refreshed, or possibly renewed? We all love that surge… Continue reading

Which Star are you more like asks Anastasia on Wordless Wednesday

Which star are you more like ask Anastasia ask on Wordless Wednesday?

Whose Eyebrows do you envy?


Finding the Best Skincare Products is as Easy as 1,2,3 or Blue, Purple, Tangerine Tango for you Fashionistas

We have all heard that we need to wash our face twice a day with skincare products – morning AND night, but those happen to also be the times that we are a little out of it – say either… Continue reading

Spa Travel Gal Fashion – Classic Glam

Check out this lovely guest post from the Spa Travel Gal

Fan of the Week!

Here are some essentials for the beach, and an example of how to add some style to a simple ocean outfit! Pick one thing that… Continue reading

Time to Get Your Rub On

Ever wonder when it is time for something – say a new job, a new house, time to complete a project or possibly the time to get your rub on? Well the answer is now and Spa Week is here… Continue reading

Lucky You! A Beauty Tool Giveaway that will have you looking so…..

State of the art technology is now available in our own home and who gets to experience that for free? You do – that is if you win this contest! Remember when I made this prediction? The Year of 2012… Continue reading

Prediction Came True – Just call me psychic or just CHIC! Beauty Tools

Remember way back in Fall of 2011, I gussied up the nerve to make a few predictions? My Prediction that “Personal Beauty Devices” or “Beauty Tools” would take off like never before in the first quarter of 2012! Many of… Continue reading

Spa Week Gift Card Super Secret Sale Code – How does less than $50 sound?


Spa Week Gift Card Super Secret Sale Code – How does less than $50 sound?

It is now less than a dozen days until the beginning of SpaWeek.com We are all excited about the chance to visit some of… Continue reading

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